How To Create a Secured OAuth2 RESTful Service on Spring Boot

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Part 1. Project setup

Part 2. Security and roles

  • Spring security allows you to extend WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter in order to get access to the HttpSecurity class which contains all the required configuration.
  • In the configure method we are using antMatchers to allow (or later reject) access to certain endpoints. Like in the snippet above, “/”, “/login**”, “/oauth2/authorization/**” are allowed without any authentication. It is essential to give access to the “oauth2” path, otherwise your app will run into an endless loop of security checks.
  • ClientRegistrationRepository bean has all the required configuration to be able to connect to oauth2 provider.
  • Usually, secrets are stored in a secure place. In order to achieve exactly that, clientId and clientSecret are extracted into application.yml so they can be configured outside and accessed at runtime.
  • ClientRegistration scope has been extended with “groups” scope which means our App will be reading and processing that field from the oauth2 provider response
  • Endpoints have been secured with HttpSecurity configuration. Now, in order to access an endpoint, a proper access role is required
  • GrantedAuthoritiesMapper bean has been set up to process the response from oauth2 provider and convert them into Roles that our App can handle

Part 3. Deployments

  • docker
  • aws-cli
  • kustomize
  • kubectl
Production version
Test version





Serious software engineer with everlasting passion for GameDev. Dreaming of next big project.

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Pudding Entertainment

Pudding Entertainment

Serious software engineer with everlasting passion for GameDev. Dreaming of next big project.

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